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What Sets Us Apart?

Online Sales Tools

Our online sales tools allow your students / sellers to manage contact lists, see performance, prizes and more!

Incentives Kids Love

With our real-time reporting, sellers can get instant prize point updates and see where they rank in their group.

Catalogs Buyers Love

It’s a lot easier to raise money when the products sell themselves!  Our variety of catalogs / brochures feature top quality items with something for everyone.


Superior Customer Service

If you run into any issues with your sale or online tools, customer service is just a phone call or email away.  Your success is our success!

Flexible Fulfillment

Mink & Co. offers flexible fulfillment options that work best with your organization including shipping to the buyer, or delivering all items to your organization.

Easy Online Ordering

Buying our products is as easy as using our online store.  Our seller’s identification is integrated into our online store ensuring your seller gets credit for each sale.

The best online tools & reporting


Seller Tools

Mink & Co makes sure your sellers are equipped for success by having the latest online tools available to make selling easy, fun, and successful!


Reporting Tools

Keeping track of your fundraiser, individual, and group performance is a piece of cake with Mink & Co’s real-time online reporting tools.

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